Movement Assessment

Movement Assessment / Injury Screening

Lower back issues? Tight neck and shoulders? Knee pain? Have you been looking to find the root cause of some of your aches and pains?

The Movement Assessment is done to find imbalances and deficiencies that could lead to injuries. Movement tests that will be done to teach you proper muscle engagement and movement pattern enhancement. This will help us determine what the likely cause of the problem is and how we can fix it. We will establish a plan moving forward to address the issue and rebuild the structure so that it does not repeat itself over and over again.

Emphasis is placed on proper muscle engagement and improving movement patterns. The goal of the Assessment is to help you feel what you need to feel and understand how to incorporate that into your daily movement and movements performed under high intensity.

A Movement Assessment can help you get out of pain, Improve your true mobility, address faulty movement patterns, and improve muscle imbalances.

This program will help you move safer, better, and faster. You will also be provided short pre-class warm-ups and accessory homework to help address your individual issues.

Assessment usually takes 90 minutes or less. Cost for assessment is 100$

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