Chris Cheney

Provides perspective and interest in all things movement. From supply-chain to exploring strength and conditioning he loves to explore and teach efficient movement patterns for processes and people! Chris is a CrossFit L1 Trainer, experienced the weekend StrongFit seminar, and started his journey with CrossFit over 5 years ago to improve his own personal health and revitalize life outside of the cube farms. His passion for self improvement journeys, which expands to about any podcast related to strength and conditioning, health, or growth, motivated him to become an educator and support the journeys of others. With Chris coaching a class you will see his love for people come out (his wife says he could talk to a wall and both would leave happier) along with his love for seeing people compete against themselves and their circumstances everyday. As a Pennsylvania native, he adds a different spice to life for everyone, usually in his sense of music, but with strong roots in the Fox Valley will always find a way to connect with new people! Chris has been a member DairyLand since conception as part of the Original Herd and started coaching in June 2019.