Isaac Kramer

Isaac has been a member of CrossFit under the scrupulous eye of Coach Marie since he was 18 and has been coaching at Dairyland since the doors opened in the spring of 2017. After attaining his CF-L1 in Glasgow, UK, he returned home to put his years of blood, sweat (so much sweat), and tears to use helping others to realize their full potential in and outside the gym. It is his belief in the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity that inspired him to share it with others. He especially enjoys helping new members push safely outside their comfort zones to achieve things they never dreamed themselves capable of. Isaac strives to nourish the thriving Dairyland “CrossFit Fam” community in each class. He loves that not only the coaches but also the members provide accountability, encouragement, tips, tricks, and sheer belief in the participants at Dairyland. The members are the reason he is proud to call himself a coach here.

Isaac believes a true coach will never let pride affect his work. A coach should be constantly learning and setting a good example that he ensures members can follow. Coaching is more than just a job; it's a labor of love. There is no price Isaac can put on the satisfaction of helping others to live their best lives by getting their bodies out of the way. Old and young, strong and weak alike--there is room for everyone in Isaac’s classes.