Matt Mueller

Matt is a L1 Crossfit instructor who has been doing Crossfit since 2015.  Prior to Crossfit Matt

was a collegiate tennis player at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, MI from

2011-2013. While attending Michigan Technological University from 2013-2016 for his

undergraduate degree Matt participated in many intramural sports including tennis club, skiing,

hiking and Crossfit. Matt was also the fitness chair in his fraternity for two years.

Matt got his start with Crossfit in 2015 while on co-op in Madison, WI.  During this time Matt’s

passion for health and fitness exploded and he continued doing Crossfit as he completed his

schooling and internships. After moving to Appleton in May 2017 for a job he joined Crossfit

Dairyland in June of 2017.  

Since joining Crossfit Dairyland Matt has achieved another level of passion for helping people

with their health and fitness journey’s and wants to help people develop the structure and proper

commitment to oneself that can make life a much more enjoyable experience.

In his spare time Matt enjoys reading books about mental aspects, video games, and eating.

Matt’s favorite philosophy: A sound Mind, in a sound Body.